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Not Much lately I guess...

I just haven't posted in a while, and my blog was sad looking so here's a post hah I'm lame.

School's calmed down and English is less of a hell than it was. It actually turns out we don't DO anything o_O seriously...he just goes off on talks and rants a lot. And our "essays" he doesn't even read them, he just checks them and says later we'll go back and edit them and what not. Problem with that is that I need help with essay writing NOW seeing as I'll be taking the SAT in the spring. My teacher also decided to make me his personal assistant; I came into class and all the seats were taken so he points to a desk by the door and near his door. During class I'm supposed to alphabetize, pass out, and hand back papers @.@ I even have a stupid piece of paper set up like a little secretary name plate on my desk. This guy has issues. Luckily I only have to do this until Friday and then it's someone else's turn (THANK GOODNESS!)

I went to my friend Amy's house for the first time Saturday, she's the bomb and her family is SO COOL. They're Korean and even though it's so different than Japanese I feel almost like I get a bit of a feel of what it's like to be an exchange student (lol jk Amy) it's so awesome! I was really nervous because I didn't want to make any foux pas on my first visit, Amy even had to remind me to take off my shoes in the house!! (that was embarrasing cause I already do that at my house) But her parents are so nice, her mom called me 'Tinkerbell' and her dad said "I'm Peter Pan!" I laughed so hard. That was the best sleepover I've had in a long time (aside from visiting Maygen of course :3) Amy got me addicted to Big Bang, a Korean boy band that RULESSS OMG G-D I <3 U! "Come on, Come on!" ahahaha I know you guys probably don't know what any of that means but still :D I tried Milkis for the first time and got addicted to those too, it's carbonated water, milk, sugar, and flavors (this may sound disgusting but it's TOTALLY NOT I thought it sounded bad to but it doesn't taste like it sounds at alllll omg it's amazing!!! I'm craving one now *__*) We ended up staying up until 5 watching いま、会いにゆきます (Ima, ai ni yukimasu...english= "I'm coming to see you now") which I TOTALLY recommend, it's so sweet and sad but good and I love it! And we watched clips from Big Bang concerts.
I like typing in Japanese :D
I'm getting tired now -_-; お休みなさい!( oyasumi nasai, good night!)
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OK, wow. So far this year TOTALLY SUCKS
I only have one AP class but already I'm stressing out like mad. AP US History (APUSH) seems really easy so far, but I know it will get harder. Chemistry is so relaxed, laid-back and awesome, my teacher rules. But my life in a WRECK (try as I much to hide how stressed I am, I have to vent) all because of Honors English 11.
First day of school: 3 essays, one on each book we had to read over the summer. The next day, the summer reading test (and somehow we were supposed to just KNOW that we had to know the publication dates of the books >.> f that) then our english teacher (who apperantly is legally allowed to smoke pot) gives us TONS of friggin busy work!!!! About six pages of "copy the sentance and correct the grammar" exercises which we never get past the first page. Then for homework over Labor Day weekend (in which I planned to relax and do some sewing pffft)
he gives us an outline sheet for each of our summer reading books, 30 vocab words with 2 sentances each to have done and memorized by Wednesday, and a 2 page essay on who we think the protagonist of Native Son is (I hate that book I hate that book omg I freaking hate that damn book...personally I don't think there is a protagonist >.>) mind you I don't have much homework in other classes yet but if this is how it's going to be at the beginning, I may have to simply give up any social/fun life, including my dance classes I just started.
I think one of the worst things about my teacher is that he singles people out. He had us write a "journal" on what we want to do differently this year than last year, and when we turned them in he started reading parts of them OUT LOUD. One girl's he read was about how she didn't want to argue with her parents as much and she was so embarrased, Thank God he didn't get to mine.
I want to get switched out, but there are no more schedule changes allowed anymore plus I don't think I'll have it any easier in any other Honors class. My brother told me he had 50 to 60 words a week when he was a junior, but still, this is insane. I know I need to prepare for the SAT but I don't want to be completely overwhelmed either.
My hand hurts now and if I keep typing about english you'll have a novel on your friends page.

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New Dress

Well, I turnder on the TV to watch the women's gymnastics on the Olympics, but only saw the very last routine -_-; So now I'm watching the swimming. Yesterday during the men's 100 meter breaststroke when Kitajima (the Japanese guy) won, if you listen really well in the background, they're playing Berryz Koubou's "Tsukkiatteru no ni Kataomoi" :D:D:D here's a video (listen really close at 0:53 and soon after you'll hear Momoko's "Ne ii desho!")

I wish I could do gymnastics but because I have a bad knee, it probably be hard for me and I may not be able to do much of the jumps.
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I'm still alive!

sorry fornot posting for a long time, the house has been kinda hectic.

this.song.RUULLLEESSSS omg i love it so much and the dance, omg the dance is SOOOOO fun!! *squeeeeeeeee* XD
my brother is moving out to go live at college this weekend. im really going to miss him. ._. and to think we always fought. i got him an apartment-warming gift, i hope he likes it; a poster of the Joker from Dark Knight and it says "Why So Serious" he's a 4-chaner lol
he got a new laptop so he gave me his old one, im so happy! but then the day I first had it I was putting my music on it and it shut down...>.> it needs a new battery and AC charger, it's all messed up. I break too many things! =O
I'm still going back and forth about going to Nekocon. I want to go but I REFUSE repeat REFUSE to stay in ONE hotel room with 8 PEOPLE there is no friggin way. i would go crazy seriously. it's not that i dont love my buddies, but that's just to many in one room for me. hmm... what else....
ah! I bought a dress from someone on egl_comm_sales and it should get here next week maybe?
you guys may kill me because it's MOMO's Handicrafts but hey, it was cute, cheap, my style and measurements; all the requirements of a lolita on a budget (at least by my standards) and i did a lot of review reading before i bought it, people said if you order directly from MOMO's that it's suicide trying to get your item, that it takes months, but that their quality is getting a lot better and people are satisfied with the work.
in the wonderful happiness that i finally have a OP with good sleeves (detatchable) send me on a sewing frenzy and I sewed my first headbow. I tried to follow the directions to make the Alice Headbow from Eng. GLB 1, but it was WAY too confusing so I just sewed a rectangle, put lact on, and gathered it in the middle. Unfortunatly, the measurements given in the turtorial I used are soo big for my head....talk about head eating bow, it's more like head DEVOURING bow O_o Ashia said i look like minny mouse -_-;
my dad went and bought me this 850 some page SAT practice book >.> (I say it makes a good door-stop) he really wants me to do well but he's making me worry more about taking it.
signing off!
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Pizza Hut...WTF?

Srsly!  >=O 
We wanted to get pizza for dinner and we would all MUCH rather have Pie Works, but it's more expensive so we went to pizza hut like normal. My first "arg" was that they had taken the salad bar away....no more free go-get-it-as-you-please ranch for my pizza. While we were waiting for the food, the jukebox started playing RAP MUSIC O_O the juke box in there will automatically play music and my mom and I had pretty much decided they program the most annoying songs so that you put your money in to change to song, lol. Then while we were eating some song "The Ballad of the Green Barret" came on and I was lmao'ing. My dad told my mom that if she could tell him the name of the singer he would stand on the table and yodell, so I ran over to the machine and read the name out laughing (he didn't yodel >.>)
So, what has me so mad? Normally they have this deal where if you get one large pizza you get a medium for $8, saving monies. We ordered a large and a medium along with 4 adult drinks and a childs drink. Our bill total? $50!!!!!!! >:O for the love of! We could have eaten Pie Works (much better taste, quality, and no where near as much grease) for cheeper!!!
I'm ticked. 

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First day in Tampa

I'm here  finally! It was a loooooooooooong car ride though, adding in all the pit stops and what not it took us about 13 hours >.> Luckily I slept most of the time. We stopped in St. Augustine for about and hour to look at the fort and what not, so of course I have pics.

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I'm not used to Florida humidity, it's worse than home by far. On top of that I didn't drink anything because I didn't want to make us stop for bathroom breaks more often than absolutly neccesary. After hanging around the Fort for a while, I ended up a little dehydrated...it wasn't fun then.  
But for a 13 hour car ride with 3 boys and a dog...I think I'm ready to take on anything life throws at me :)......except that cellphone Maygen just threw at my back.... (thanks Maygen)
I never knew laying around made you so sleepy 0.0 I slept a lot and then when we got to Tampa, I fell asleep. Maybe I'm no longer a Gaara and have become a Stark? HELL YEA!....wait...no...hmmm :/
Today I decided to go out in Lolita (my lil panda one)...bad idea lol. Maygen's family isn't used to my crazy ways hehehe her mom reminded me we were going to the grocery store, not church. Her dad....scared me...."What is that?! What are you wearing?" etc And then her youngest brother asked "why is she wearing a dress?" and the other said "why are you dressed like that?" but I got the same usual stares from complete strangers so it was worth it :D 
To be honest, it made me really depressed. I couldn't smile really and now...I'm worried to wear Lolita around any of the family other than Maygen. It just made me super uncomfortable and sad...lolita usually helps me feel better about my self but today it just made me want to go back home....I've been feeling kinda homesick ever since.
anyway,  We had to rush back home though because we were going house hunting...kinda tiring and once again, I kept falling asleep in the car. But boy, Maygen was right about storms. It's been raining all night and all the time I keep seeing lightning and it's really weird seeing as I haven't seen rain in months.
Tonight was Maygen's brother's birthday so we went to a Chinese buffet 

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I don't know how many times I'll be able to be on, Maygen says the daily storms tend to knock out the internet a lot.
Bye for now!
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Adventures of Cookie Baking

One of my absolute best friends ever, (let's face it, we're practically sisters) is up this week from Florida to visit. We had quite an interesting time today. It's almost as good as when I almost burned down the house trying to make pizza!

we made cookies

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Long Day, Long Rant

I was hoping to get my hair cut today, but instead I spent about 3+ hours walking around the Natural Science Center. My niece is going on a trip for a week tomorrow so we took her to NSC so we could all have a day together. We somehow all passed under the same name (all 5 of us that only 2 are actually members) to get in for free ^^; hehe... So first we went to see the "frog exhibit" which really didn't have any frogs except 2 and a big tadpole, and some frog statues >.> but there were a bunch of hands-on brainteasers so I went to work on those, many of which I was able to solve very quickly, especially Brahman's Pyramid. There was one puzzle that was literally impossible to solve, it said no one had ever solved it, and All I could think was "why did they put this in here if you can't solve it?" Well, it melted my brain. 
After a while I took my niece into the frog maze thing, that was fun and she knew the way for the most part which was cute to watch. She and her mom went to play in the kids room and my mom, brother and I stayed with the puzzles trying to solve every single one (except that one stupid one >.>) Ashia and I agreed it would be awesome if I went into the maze to one of the dead ends and just started dancing randomly....so I did! ^^ I did some Berryz Koubou and MoMusu dances and part of Anataboshi. Unfortunatly no kids came in the maze during that time, so I didn't get any stares >.> *attention whore* <----lol
About 2 hours later we went out to the see all the animals and pet them, omg I could have petted the Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, and Alpacas all day *_* the Alpacas were so funny, one kept getting close to me and I would go to pet him but he would put his face right near minea and I would get scared and do this stupid little girly scream x3 lolz. But after the Meir Cats (sp?) I was tired of being outside and wanted to go home. We stayed there about another hour I guess or more and my niece hadn't had a nap so she was cranky and I think we all wanted to go home, but we stayed there until it closed. When I got home, I fell asleep xP

OMFG there's a cute lil squirrel outside the window!!! *squeeee* he's hanging onto the wire of the fence with his front paws like he's trying not to fly away cause it's windy :3 kawaii <3

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I cut the rant to save some space on your friends page. 
Bye and have a nice day ^^